Wind Shield and Heat Shield solutions


Heat Shields

Flexible Shielding Solutions that are:
lighter in weight, more flexible, less costly and faster to install than steel alternatives


Vamac coating on Polyester base cloth


Single skin with built in tensioning system


Silver grey

Steel Fixings

Marine grade (316) or gavanised


Excellent UV and abrasion resistance


Protective wraps and safety wires

Temperature range

-30 to + 180°C

Max. Temperature Protection


Max. Exposure

60 mins

Max. Radiation Protection

10 kw/m2 (3100 Btu/ ft2 hr)

Total Weight including Fixings

2.5kg /m2

Weight of Material

Approx. 900 g/m2

Design Wind Speed

Standard 90 mph maximum
120 mph

Fixing To

Client Built Subframe


Galebreaker Heat Shields are designed specifically to meet your protection requirements using a single skin Vamac coated polyester base cloth. All materials have been independently tested and shields are designed to protect against flares when installed on the derrick or drill floor.

Providing protection against heat flares with a temperature range from -30 to +180°C the fabric offers insulation and protection against radiant heat for up to 60 minutes.

Galebreaker Heat Shields are lightweight and flexible with a range of fixing techniques available. All fixings are stainless steel marine grade (316 standard) or galvanised.